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Kelly Hagler

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Sarah Hagler Findley

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Kelly Hagler




I’m kelly …

Country mouse → city mouse, currently based in Chicago by way of D.C. by way of MO.

I’m a writer, comms person, and digital strategist whose professional heart belongs to organizations making the world less bad—with a particular focus on gender equality, violence prevention, reproductive justice, access to health care, and giving women all the world power.

I have a Master’s degree in social work, and I was once a therapist for teens here in Chicago. Now, I’m trying my luck as my own boss, sister partner, and full-time wordster, creating content for awesome clients with equally-awesome stories to tell.

Other passionate things: I have an interest in rural mental health, and I’m excited for some future projects in this space. Similarly to my kin, I am too passionate about true crime, as well as Glossier, hot yoga classes that make me want to puke, carbs, Bruce Springsteen, house planticide, dreaming of farm/garden life, attempts at a zero waste lifestyle, and yelling at the news. I am also passionate about my dog, Agent Dog Cooper 🐶.

Check out my ever-growing portfolio below + a link to my full CV here.





Something about me …



A farm-raised, city-grown, returned-to-my-roots country gal, making my home on a farm in Northwest Missouri with my husband Luke, three step-kids and critters, living that #farmlifebestlife.

Work-wise, I travel to Kansas City super frequently for meetings with clients, TV and photo shoot production projects, and to eat sushi because we don’t have that in rural Missouri, shockingly enough. My favorite projects include storytelling for my clients who inevitably end up friends. I love getting to the bottom of a brand’s voice and really sharing their vibe through web content, direct marketing and blogging/content creation.

Still work, but also fun, I live on 100 acres of hay ground nestled in the midst of my husband’s family farming and excavating business. I (try to) help my dad harvest 700+ acres of row crops every fall and lend a hand with his 60+ head of cattle any time he needs me. When I’m not serving up “dinner” or “supper” in the field to Luke and his brothers, I’m chasing chickens and kids, planting a mediocre garden, doing homesteady things and playing on the interwebs.

Non-workish: true crime fanatic, weak yoga practice, Netflix documentaries, too many beauty care products, all the old antiques/junk I can find in barns, rock collecting, houseplant murdering, Jeeping, beer/wine/whiskey, and noodles.